Good News from Sheridan!

Today Innovation Law Lab announced that 74 of the 80 individuals it is representing detained at Sheridan received favorable outcomes at credible fear interviews.  One individual opted to be voluntarily removed, and five decisions were still pending.

In addition, Innovation Law Lab has secured continuing access to clients with the help of a preliminary injunction issued by Judge Michael Simon.

Read all about it, here.

American Constitution Society CLE, August 1: Protecting Immigrant Detainees’ Access to Counsel

An invite was extended by the Oregon Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society to attend the following CLE at Perkins Coie on August 1, 2018, from 4:30 to 6:30.

Please RSVP to Kristina Holm.

ACS Oregon: Protecting Immigrant Detainees’ Access to Counsel: An Update on Innovation Law Lab v. Nielsen

Please join the Oregon Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society for a discussion on the ongoing litigation regarding the right of immigrant detainees being held at the Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution to access legal counsel.

Nadia Dahab, Attorney, Stoll Berne

Ms. Dahab currently serves as counsel for one of the individual detainees as well as the Innovation Law Lab. She will discuss the claims asserted by plaintiffs-petitioners and the temporary restraining order issued by Judge Michael Simon.

The program will be immediately followed by the ACS Oregon Lawyer Chapter’s summer social.

NY Times: Hundreds of parents deported without their children, jeopardizing reunification

Nearly 1 in 5 of the 2,551 parents whose children were taken from them after crossing the southwest border were either swiftly deported before they could be reunited with their children, or somehow opted to leave the country without them. The government’s previous estimate of the number of such cases was just 12.

More Than 450 Migrant Parents May Have Been Deported Without Their Children

Fund set up for Sheridan detainees’ commissary, post-release needs

Our friends at APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon) are raising money to put into commissary accounts for each of the asylum-seekers detained at the federal prison in Sheridan. These funds allow the men to purchase personal care items, snacks, and phone calls. The funds will also be used to purchase items they need on that happy day when they are released. You can donate to this fund here:

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) – Petition to release Sheridan detainees pending resolution of their legal proceedings

Link to petitions being circulated by APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon), urging our elected officials to advocate for the release of the detainees currently being held in the federal prison in Sheridan, pending final resolution of their legal proceedings:

It only takes a few minutes to sign. APANO is hoping for 5,000 signatures.

WALK with Refugees and Immigrants

From Facebook:

A walk to inspire a more compassionate, generous, and welcoming Portland!

Parks for New Portlanders, in partnership with Portland Sunday Parkways, nonprofits, and refugee and immigrant organizations, invites you to walk with Refugees and Immigrants.

Join community members and elected leaders as they gather at Gateway Discovery Park for in a one-mile walk to Knott Park, alongside our refugee and immigrant neighbors in a show of support. This event recognizes the unique experiences of new Portlanders, of all ages and backgrounds.

– Hear refugee and immigrant stories
– Enjoy diverse music, food, and other family activities

We welcome all neighbors, faith-based organizations, local businesses, neighborhood associations, and nonprofits to join us on this walk to inspire a more compassionate, generous, and welcoming Portland!

The event is planned for Sunday, August 19 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Gateway Discovery Park in NE Portland.