Update on Sheridan and volunteer needs from APANO

Currently, about 43 of the men are still at Sheridan. The remainder have been released, transferred, or have elected to return home! (This information is coming from the Federal Public Defenders Office). APANO has been able to transfer $100 in each of the commissary accounts of the majority of the 79 asylees that Innovational Law Lab and the Federal Public Defenders Office is representing (over $8,000 total).

The ACLU and Innovation Law Lab recently wrote up a great summary of the collaborative response to Sheridan.

We still need your help with financial donations to support the currently detained asylees with their commissary accounts and help the released reconnect with family. You can donate here (www.apano.org/sheridan).

You can also donate gift cards, calling cards, and Tracfones. As of now, the released asylees need gift cards (Walmart, Target) to purchase clothing that will fit them, and they need phones (Tracfones) with calling cards to connect with family. You can deliver these items to the APANO Office (2788 SE 82nd Ave., Suite 203, 97266). If you do decide to donate these items, please fill out this form indicating the number and amount so we all know how many items to expect and when we have reached our capacity.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated their time, energy, goods, and money.

With love and courage,

Jai Singh Field Organizer, APANO
photo Mobile: 503.688.0776
Email: jai@apano.org
Address: 2788 SE 82nd Ave Suite 203, Portland, OR 97266
Pronouns: He, Him, His

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