OWLS Board offers donation match to APANO for Sheridan asylees

The OWLS Special Committee on Family Separation and Child Detention has an opportunity for you to participate in the local effort to support the asylum-seekers brought to the federal prison at Sheridan. We have gotten the OWLS Board to donate to the fund managed by APANO, as a matching fund to encourage your donations. This fund provides commissary funds to the men while they are in detention, and funds for clothing and basic necessities when they are released.

The Board has donated $850 to the fund this week. Now, we’d love to see that doubled through your donations. If you’ve wondered how you can help, if you don’t speak a foreign language fluently, don’t practice immigration law, don’t live in the northern Willamette Valley… know that your donation, however seemingly small, is working with the donations of other OWLS to make a real difference in the lives of these asylum-seekers.

Click here to donate. And, thank you, for this and for everything you do.

Maya Crawford Peacock
Kathryn Olney
Co-Chairs, OWLS Special Committee on Family Separation and Child Detention

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