Tweet: mom, three small children drown trying to enter US

We now live in a world where we read tweets like this one:

Here’s how it happens: mom presents with her children at the border to ask for asylum. Either (a) she is given a number that will be called months from now, and she must stay in a hellish migrant camp in Mexico the meantime, or (b) she presents for asylum and is returned under the misnamed “Migrant Protection Protocol,” to wait in the hellish migrant camp in Mexico in the meantime. Having no food or clean diapers for the babies, and facing danger where she is, she decides to put them on a raft to cross into the Rio Grande. The raft flips, and she and her babies drown.

If we had provided an orderly and prompt process to this lawful asylum seeker and her family, they would be alive now. That’s all there is to it. It is our purposefully cruel and chaotic system that has killed them.

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