Torture: the ABA has a new report on trauma to children separated from their parents

Putting children in concentration camps, away from their parents, in harsh conditions has been described by medical inspectors as torture. The American Bar Association’s Children’s Rights Litigation Committee has published (May 2019) on the harm caused to children when they are separated from their parents, the lifelong effects of toxic stress on children, and resources for children and parents facing removal.

2019 – Parent-Child Separation Trauma Memo-1

How much does it cost to incarcerate children?

We, through our tax dollars, are spending over $700 per night per child to hold immigrant children in concentration camps without their parents. $700+, and no toothbrush, no soap, no bed. You could stay at the Benson Hotel and order caviar and champagne for dinner for less than $700 per night. And you’d get soap and a bed, and probably a toothbrush if you asked at the desk.

The numbers are larger, more horrible, and “unknown”

The news is out: even before the 3,000 children separated from their parents in 2018, there was a sharp increase in the numbers of children separated from their parents or guardians. And because of a lack of coordinated formal tracking, the true numbers of these children is officially given as “unknown.” It is estimated to be thousands more than first reported.

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NY Times: Hundreds of parents deported without their children, jeopardizing reunification

Nearly 1 in 5 of the 2,551 parents whose children were taken from them after crossing the southwest border were either swiftly deported before they could be reunited with their children, or somehow opted to leave the country without them. The government’s previous estimate of the number of such cases was just 12.

More Than 450 Migrant Parents May Have Been Deported Without Their Children